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Counselling, psychotherapy in Odiham & Guildford

 for adults, adolescents and children from 11+

Your space to be​ heard

British Counsellor, Warm & friendly.

Registered MBACP 130577

The Counselling relationship is all about the relationship, a space for you to feel comfortable and be who you are. It is having someone to talk to who is warm, friendly and none judgemental. Who is accepting of all the emotions that seem so hard for you. It is a space where with my years of experience we can get to the core of any difficulty you are experiencing and make sense of it.

 Counselling is Listening space.

Hi my name is ​Lisa.

Each and every one of us is unique.  Each and every one of us has potential. Sometimes it only takes one person to hear us & to listen, value, believe in and so help bring out the best in us.  Listening without judgement, enable us to get to the core of what is needed and to work to achieve your goals. What works for one person might not work f​or another, so my approach is to find what works best for you.

I have heard many say they have had counselling before and it didn't help.  Yet within a few short weeks with me, it had worked, exceeding all expectations.  Their perception changed.  For me counselling is merely a word, it can feel scary, but it really is just having someone to talk to, someone with natural empathy, who listens, is naturally accepting and can help you find your own answers.

What makes me different as a counsellor is the depth of my life experiences, both good and bad.  I can relate on a deeper level, and really empathise.  My journey was a self-fulfilled prophecy for this exact purpose: to guide other's that are struggling. I placed myself in situations to know, really know, what it is like and bring to those that need a deeper awareness. 

Besides my life experience, I am a qualified counsellor graduating in the year 2011.  I am B.A.C.P Registered and certified.  I have many years of experience working with adults, adolescents and children aged 11+. I have extensive experience working with special needs.   This includes over three years’ of experience working in a variety of special needs schools and colleges catering for a broad spectrum of needs. I have counselled hundreds of adolescents, and am pleased to say helped many achieve their goals.  I am level 5 CPCAB qualified to work with children & adolescents and adhere to the BACP Ethical guidelines.. MBACP 130577.

You may contact me on:

07779 602152

 I am available currently for appointments Monday 9am-7pm. Tuesday 9am-7pm. Thursday 9a.m-7pm. Saturday 10a.m -3pm.

Specialist Help

I have worked in a variety of special needs schools and colleges.  Many of my clients are and have been on the autistic spectrum.  I have worked with them successfully and am able to make them feel comfortable within sessions to explore their specific needs.    I have helped clients with very challenging issues to achieve what they imagined to be impossible.  I will strive to help you find and resolve the heart of the matter, to achieve the best possible result for you or your child. 

My Services

Assessment, sessions and packages

Assessments are an essential part of counselling to ensure you are getting the most suitable help. The first therapy session will be 1.5 hours this includes a 30-minute assessment. If I feel you c​an get better help elsewhere you will be charged just for the assessment £15. If we decide to proceed with Counselling you will be charged the first hourly rate and the assessment fee on the first session only.

Child and adolescents (11-18) 

£40 for 60 minutes. Mon to Friday 9am-7pm

£50 for 60 minutes Saturday's 10a.m- 3pm


6 sessions for a child, adolescent £220 Saturday's £280

12 sessions for a child, adolescent £ 430 Saturday's £549


£45 for 60 minutes Mon to Friday 9am-7pm

£55 60 minutes Saturday's 10a.m-3pm


6 sessions for an Adult £250 Saturday's £330

12 sessions for an Adult £490  Saturday's £595


All locations have free parking.

Odiham There are two options, appointments between 9A.m-2pm are in a cosy little cottage on king street with a real fireplace for those cold winter day's. After 2pm appointments will be at Odiham cottage hospital.

Guildford Appointments will be at Queen Elizabeth park, New life centre exact days and times are to be confirmed.

What our customers are saying

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MBACP 130577.